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Benefits of Ocean Freight Shipping

Ocean freight is the most common means of international shipping. Bulk carrier ships transport vast amounts of goods over worldwide trading routes. About 90% of merchandise are carried by ocean liners.

If your company is considering international expansion or changing its transportation strategy, examine the advantages of ocean freight. Ocean shipping has several benefits and drawbacks. Before considering the benefits, it’s vital to grasp the choices. Sea freight includes:

FCL shipping occurs when the shipper pays for one or more containers. FCL shipping does not need consolidation. This can minimize shipping costs, speed, and product damage. More secure and less prone to theft and product manipulation.

Shipments under 20 or 40 feet are LCL. Consolidated shipments are created by shipping firms from numerous carriers. The main benefit of LCL shipping is that you just pay for the products you send. It allows smaller businesses to take advantage of low freight prices.

Roll-on/roll-off is when vehicles (cars, trucks, etc.) are loaded and unloaded rather than in containers.

Coal and grain aren’t generally delivered in containers. Instead, dry bulk commodities are loaded into the cargo hold of a ship.

The ship’s hold isn’t merely for big cargo. Heavier objects that don’t fit in intermodal containers are also stored here. Steel girders and other big manufactured components must be kept in the ship’s hold for extended distances to avoid damage.

Consider the following benefits of ocean freight transportation for your supply chain. Ocean freight is a low-cost shipping method. It is a considerably more cost-effective technique of international logistics than other common alternatives like air freight. The World Bank estimates that air freight is 12–16 times more costly than ocean freight. While slower than air freight, ocean freight offers superior value for big volume delivery.

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